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By , July 18, 2009 12:23 am

‘ALOK’ has decided to make efforts in such a way which could become more effective in true sense. It has selected the Lok-Method of communication in which the theme or the message of the programme is said through act and play Lok Geet and other local cultural activities like Puppetry and Street Play As it is reflected by its aims and objective, ALOK has concentrated its programmes on educational upliftment of socially down-trodden people of this region i.e. Dhanger, Mushar, SCs, STs, EBCs, Minority and women. Till date, ALOK has successfully organized a lots of educational programmes viz experimental and innovative programme at elementary education, Library- Mobile and Static village library Mahila vocational training centres etc. All these programmes are organized in various Panchayats (90 Tolas of SCs/STs, Mooshars, Backward class Household) in the Nautan block in West Champaran district and Paharpur block in East Champaran district of this region.

Without going in details it would be pertinent to go through the main points of the various programmes concerned with education can be focused in the following phase on:

  • Experimental Innovative programmes based on local waste materials are launched to generate creativity in children.
  • Teaching through TLM & Movement.
  • Awareness for Health Education, Medical Test and Yoga.
  • Organized Bal Mela at annual basis.
  • Curriculum design based on environment and locality.
  • Multi –class of multi-level educational technique are used.
  • Vocational training.
  • Use of Solar Energy is prompted.
  • Mobile library for the rural poor.
  • Community participation is solicited in all programmes.
  • Tour programme for women.
  • Women Fare.

To provide writing materials and reading materials for to the students of Non-formal school.

  • Bal Sansad is activated at all educational centers etc.
  • Efforts are made to create mass interest for education.

Cooperative movement are started for generate cooperation for education.
To ensure the concrete effect of all the educational programmes, ALOK has prepared a fixed curriculum of each and every programme.

In-spite of educational activities, ALOK has also trained the masses for the formation of healthy society,  the programmes concerned with health & hygiene. Alok provide the programs to organize Rural Committees to ensure the use of Solar Energy and Environment Conservation making villages lighted, clean and green.

The programmes organized so far in this regard are as follows:

  • Health & Hygiene and solar energy
  • To organize meeting at village level.
  • Total literacy campaign for environment up gradation.
  • Wall writing, Slogan writing and banner making.
  • Kathputali Natak for mass awareness for environment.

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