Mission & Vision

By , July 18, 2009 12:04 am

Mission of ALOK

The prime mission of ALOK is to provide all the children (i.e. working children, educationally deprived children, children of scavengers & dropped out children of Formal School) in the education network of primary education and an efforts would be made to bring them able to join the main stream of the society.

All l efforts of ALOK is primarily concerned with the poorest of poor to achieve the following objectives:-

  • They would become able to understand their rights of duties.
  • Enable them to attain with the heap of Self reliance and cooperation in their own leadership.
  • Enable them to organize themselves for developing their own working system.
  • Train them to develop their skill to constitute rural level organization to develop socio-economic, cultural and managerial efficiency.

Vision of ALOK

  • To provide education (Mainly Elementary Education) to all children (specially for SCs).
  • To universalize education for all people aged 15 to 35 years.
  • To establish the ideals Panchayati Raj at ground level.
  • Freedom from exploitation and slavery.
  • Protect and develop the Lok- Culture.
  • Develop social co-operation to establish brotherhood, friendship and truthfulness.
  • Universalize the use of Solar Energy.
  • Provision of employment for deprived persons.
  • Accelerate women empowerment.
  • Organize awareness camp to ensure civilian rights & duties.

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